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Distribute With Ease

A Software as a Service solution that lets the Warehouse Owners to keep track of product inventory and stock levels, distributing to Franchisees with online dispatch notes, generating weekly invoices based on daily dispatch notes and handle payments made. The product is very easy to use with very attractive responsive layout that can adapt to Mobile and Tablets.

Context Sensitive Mobile App for Places of Tourist Attractions

This Context Sensitive Mobile App will automatically find out the visitors location inside a museum using iBeacons and furnish the details about the nearest Exhibit on his mobile. The information can be in the various forms of multimedia as per the need. This is truly a magical app and very much loved by the visitors.

Touch Screen Kiosk

The Touch screen kiosks are set up at various locations inside the museum. They furnish the multimedia information to the visitors about the nearby exhibits along with quiz shows and Q&A sessions. They provide highly secure solution to the visitors without compromising the security of the network.

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