Database Design and Development

Properly designed database is absolutely essential for any Software Application. Poor database design often leads to long running queries, frequently crashing applications and frustrated users.

At Krupa Consulting our team of relational/ object relational (RDBMS/ORDBMS) database specialists will assist you right from analysis, applying normalisation rules, logical design and Entity Relationship model (E-R Diagram) development and towards physical database implementation with tables, keys, views and other database objects.

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Data Migration

In today’s fast paced computing world, new technological evolutions often force the organisations to invest into latest technologies. This shift often involves migration of their data into a new platform with modified data structures with associated complexities of data mapping.

At Krupa Consulting we have team of data migration specialists, who will assist your data migration projects and seamless transition to new systems.

We provide complete database solutions and we undertake following major activities in Database Development

  • Database Design
  • Database Development
  • Data Modelling and Design
  • Database Creation
  • Database Backup, Recovery and Replication
  • Database Security Policies
  • Data Encryption
  • Database Tuning and Performance Improvements
  • Database Administration
  • Import/Export and Datapump


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We are UK based software development company with additional offshore development capabilities in India.

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