Introducing Revolutionary App for Places of Public Attractions

Imagine a world where all the necessary media content appears automatically for simply being in the context, instead of you madly searching out for the data and filtering out the right information from the junk.

Our Latest interactive Mobile App does that magic for you. It automatically finds out the context around you and presents you the relevant information on your finger tip for indoor and outdoor locations. Information presented is multi faceted and can be in the form of multimedia clips, audio guides, article write ups, quiz shows, interactive games, discount coupons, your indoor location on the map or anything that is relevant to the context that surrounds you.

So surprise your visitors by giving them the relevant context specific information in an instant.

Provide the Right Information at Right Place, Effortlessly.

Benefits of DistributeWithEase:

  • Relevant content will stream to App automatically as if by magic, enabling the visitor to concentrate more on attraction at hand.
  • Visitors can set their profile, language for content streaming. to concentrate more on attraction at hand.
  • Useful visitor friendly feature.
  • Fantastic improvement to your facilities.
  • Fantastic improvement to your facilities.
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed. More happy customers means better ranking for your Attractions.
  • Drive sales from the App by linking appropriate Souvenir Shop items with the exhibit.
  • Visitors get to retain the content and can browse them more leisurely at their home.
  • Facility of customer registration to keep in touch with them via email newsletters.
  • Gives the facility to the visitors to show minute details about the exhibits which they can rotate, see in close up detail and even operate.
  • All form of multimedia content is supported including video, audio, pictorial, textual, maps etc.
  • Can serve as route planner including showing current location on the map. This feature comes handy for indoor locations.
  • Makes your Museum accessible to all over the world via Mobile App.
  • Share the information on the social media.
  • Visitors can write comments for any article presented.
  • Surprise your visitors by emailing them a personalised news letter while they are at the museum.
  • Provide additional links to more learning materials.


So you can be walking in the museum and appropriate information for the exhibit in front of you directly shows up, resulting in true engagement of the visitors with a certain WOW factor. Visitor interaction can be further enhanced by presenting the quiz about the exhibit objects, making them to observe it more closely. This App has multilingual features and is profile driven. Also this App is perfect for serving as an Audio Guide, removing the necessity for the visitors to carry the heavy gadgets, select the number for each spot and much easier for the authorities to maintain. The pot couldn’t get richer than that!

This App will let you truly connect with your visitors by explaining them the history, inspiration, deeper levels of meaning associated with the art form in audio visual format, taking away stress from you to repeat the same information to every visitor. Multi Lingual feature of the app will help to broaden your reach to international visitors.

Visitors can get to know the detailed information about wildlife or flora and fauna in the park in an instant.

Our App can be a blessing in disguise for the City Tour Operators, enabling them to easily cater to multilingual passengers. This App can serve as a tourist guide to your visitors empowering them with the relevant information for the nearby places of Attractions. The auto streaming of the location specific Audio Guide will be a certain hit among tourists.

We provide customised Mobile App solutions depending on your requirements. Please contact us to book an appointment for the live demo.

Visitors Comments

Amod Joshi

Truly a gem of an App. Don’t how they manage to send me the right data for each exhibit! Enjoyed the pleasant User Interface.


Very impressive App. Multi lingual audio guides are very helpful. They’ve packed in all features inside this tiny App.

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