Microsoft Technology Solutions

Krupa Consulting has a separate team of experts for handling Microsoft Technologies. Our Microsoft Consultants are experts in these technologies and are Certified where possible. They have been exposed to multiple vendors and carry proven industrial experience.

Krupa Consulting mainly provides services in following Microsoft Technologies:

Microsoft SQL Server Database Development

Microsoft SQL Server has taken the Database market by storm and has become very popular in short period of time.

Our consultants can help build your applications based on their specialist SQL Server knowledge. We can help you from range of tasks for managing your daily database activities such as Monitor & Tune for performance, OLE Automation, Data compression, Security, Command prompt and Power shell utilities etc.

Microsoft Business Intelligence Development Services

Microsoft Business Intelligence is built on SQL Server Technology.

Our experienced Microsoft BI professionals will help you to make most from your data and build effective Microsoft BI solutions.

Microsoft Business Intelligence Solutions

Understand Trends in Your Data

Data Warehousing and Integration Development Services:

We can build the effective Data Warehousing solution that will help you to effectively manage your ETL processes, Metadata, Data Cleansing operations and host of other datawarehousing operations. Your Data Warehouse will serve as a base platform to enable further services for your OLAP, Data Mining, BI and Reporting solutions.

Data Quality Services (SSDQS):

We can help you with building the knowledge-driven data cleansing and matching solution to perform data correction, enrichment, standardisation and deduplication on your data.

Analysis Services (SSAS):

We can help build the OLAP, Data Mining, Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) Scripts & queries and Dimensional Modelling for your systems on top of your Data Warehouse making you to understand historical trends and facts from your data.

Visualisation and Reporting:

We can provide services to build, deploy and manage reports for your organisation using SSRS. Reports features can include interactive, tabular, graphical and variety of formats delivered over web. Reports can be deployed over a Microsoft Sharepoint site to be shared across your organisation. We can enable various Sharepoint features for your Reports such as creating data alerts whenever underlying Reports data changes.

Microsoft .NET Web Development Services

Microsoft .NET Framework is the integrated development framework offering ability to rapidly build robust and high-quality web applications on MS Windows.

We offer our expertise to build and maintain Applications using this framework. Our .NET developers have build numerous systems using C#.NET, ASP.NET and VB.NET technologies.

We provide following services in .NET Technologies:

  • .NET Web Development
  • .NET Web Applications Development
  • .NET Enterprise Application Development
  • .NET Mobile Apps Development


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