Data warehousing

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Data warehouse hosts valuable data for your organisation. Data is sourced from various systems and feed into a Data warehouse ideally by Extract Transform and Load (ETL) process.

Data warehouse data can be arranged into Dimensional models or into Normalised form (3NF).

Data warehouse data is further supplied to Business Intelligence systems for Query, Reporting, Analytics or Dashboard purpose.

At Krupa consulting we have experts who have thorough understanding of data warehousing processes and experience in the design and implementation of high volume databases for your data warehouse. Our team is experienced in working on large scale databases in complex environments.

We provide following Data warehousing services:

  • Design, Develop and Maintain your Extract Transform Load (ETL) process.
  • Metadata Management
  • Design Relational and Dimensional Data Objects
  • Data Quality and Profile Management
  • Deployment and Scheduling



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We are UK based software development company with additional offshore development capabilities in India.

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