Krupakiosk: Touch Screen Kiosk Enabling Software

Our recent product KrupaKiosk successfully transforms any Touch screen Microsoft Windows pc into Touch Screen Kiosk. KrupaKiosk can serve as ideal companion for the Museums, Art Galleries, Banks, Hospitals, Shops, Libraries, Public Building or any place where you need to present information to the public without compromising security of the underlying computer and network. You can safely make the information available for public consumption without allowing the users to access other unintended areas.

KrupaKiosk can also ideally serve as Order Taking Till with necessary Payment Gateway features. KrupaKiosk supports wide range of Windows programs including browsers, PowerPoint presentations or third party executables.

KrupaKiosk can serve as an ideal companion to cater for multi lingual customers.

Give your Visitors the information they need.

Benefits of KrupaKiosk:

  • Provide appropriate information to the visitors as per their needs.
  • Visitors can set their profile, language for content streaming. Great for supporting multi lingual customers.
  • Useful visitor friendly feature that will be greatly appreciated by them.
  • Fantastic improvement to your facilities.
  • Drive onsite e-commerce from the Kiosk to take off load from the manually operated sales points
  • Gives the facility to the visitors to show minute details about your items which they can rotate, see in close up detail and even operate.
  • All form of multimedia content is supported including video, audio, pictorial, textual, maps etc.
  • You can use your existing software for Kiosk interface.
  • Supports wide variety of Windows programs.
  • Ideal for use to use with personal news letter generation along with camera capture facility.
  • Provide additional links to more learning materials.

We provide customised Kiosk solutions depending on your requirements. Please contact us to book an appointment for the live demo. KrupaKiosk is successfully implemented at National Railway Museum, New Delhi.

For further information and live demo please contact us:
 Mob: 07737691330 (U.K.),
 Mob:(+91) 9421160808 (India)

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