Oracle Developer Suite 11g/12c Development

Oracle Developer Suite is the comprehensive integrated development environment offering ability to rapidly build robust and high quality transactional applications. They can be easily deployed to multiple platforms including web, portal, mobile etc. It is most popular amongst Oracle community. At Krupa we've pool of experts with in depth knowledge of this tool set. We specialise in following:

  Oracle Forms11g Development,Oracle Forms11g Development

Oracle Forms is Oracle's long-established technology to design and build enterprise applications quickly and efficiently. It can utilise the power of PL/SQL to fullest extent. Oracle Forms does support multiple databases. It can be integrated with web technologies and service oriented architectures (SOA) and can leverage on JAVA Technologies. Oracle's statement of direction promises continued support for Oracle Forms and Reports.

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Oracle Forms & Reports Migration

With the rise of new cutting edge web technologies it has become essential for Organisations to disinvest from Oracle Forms. Advantages offered are:

  • Object Oriented Technology.
  • Lightweight HTML browser clients.
  • Agile processes responding quickly to Business needs and demands.
  • Separation of Presentation Layer from Data.
  • Availability of Multiple frameworks and better performing platforms to pick and mix as per your needs.
  • Easier to plug in diverse applications.
  • Easier to change Look n Feels or to Present various Look n Feels to different clients, times of the day/year etc.

We have dealt with multiple Oracle Forms Migration projects and can deliver better systems to take advantage of Stored Procedures, Hints, database array processing using Objects and Collections where appropriately needed (rather than using Frameworks all the time), than any Java or Microsoft .net specialist consultancy.

Migration Routes

  • Forms Migration: J2EE or Microsoft .net or Oracle Apex
  • Reports Migration: PL/SQL or J2EE or Microsoft .net or other reporting tools

  Oracle Reports11g Development,Oracle Reports11g Development

Oracle Reports is Oracle's long-established technology to design and develop high-fidelity enterprise reports. It helps businesses to provide instant access to information in a scalable and secure environment. It is based on multi tier architecture and can produce reports in multiple formats for web and paper and supports connectivity to multiple databases. You can automate the reports and distribute it to multiple targets such as file, email, printer etc. Oracle's statement of direction promises continued support for Oracle Forms and Reports.

We can help you with following tasks

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